True Texans Know Beauty

There is no question Texas is one of the most beautiful states in America. Scenic routes, gorgeous skies, colorful foliage, and unique sights all add to Texas’ appeal. From the inspired eye of shared photos, the following is a collection of 10 favorite scenes  in the great state of Texas.




Photo by: Roy Niswanger (
Location: Round Rock, Texas

This Texas Longhorn Steer lives on a pasture near Brushy Creek Rd. in Round Rock, TX. This breed of cattle has become an icon for Texas.



Photo By: Ed Schipul (
Location: Austin, Texas

The Texas State Capitol Building is one of the nation’s most recognizable buildings. Through the details with the design and architecture, the Texas State Capitol Building is a work of art.



Photo By: Ray Bodden (
Location: Port Arthur, Texas

This photo is of the Texas flag at Veterans’ Memorial Park. The park holds 10,000 names of area servicemen that served in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Peace Time, Desert Storm, or with the Merchant Marines during WWII.


4 (1) 

Photo By: Ray Bodden (
Location: East Texas

An old oil well pump sits idle off Hwy 287 in East Texas. It is unknown when this oil pump was used, but oil drilling has long been a part of Texas history.



Photo By: Gino (
Location: Texas Hill Country

In Texas, nighttime gives you a glimpse of Heaven. The stars are blindingly bright against the dark sky.



Photo By: Bill Oriani (
Location: South Austin, Texas

Texas Red Oak is a native tree that is beautiful with spreading leaves. The foliage turns bright shades of vivid red and orange in Autumn.



Photo By: Greg Westfall (
Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Trinity River is the longest river that flows entirely within Texas. The name “Trinity” came in 1690 from Alonso De León, who called the stream the “La Santísima Trinidad” meaning “Holy Trinity.”



Photo By: Mtsrs (
Location: Route 207 in Texas

This is the scenic route 207 on the Texas plain trail. The rural atmosphere of Texas offers views unlike any other.




Photo By: David Herrera (
Location: New Mexico/Texas state line

Welcome To Texas! This iconic sign is located on the south (Texas) side of the New Mexico/Texas state line, halfway between Las Cruces (NM) and El Paso (TX). Southern hospitality is a staple in Texas, and a friendly welcome is just what we, Texans offer.



Photo By: Faungg’s photo (
Location: Texas

As Tom Petty would say, “You belong among the wildflowers,” and Texas has plenty of fields of them. With its sprawling size and diversity of landforms, Texas has countless types of wildflowers.