True Texans have Holiday Spirit

True Texans are festive and love to celebrate. With our positive, fun, and hospitable personalities, Texans know how to celebrate. Winter brings along with it many holiday celebrations. Because Texas is known for its diversity and melting pot of cultures, so are the holidays that are celebrated here. Being open and willing to partake in events make Texans become cultured. There are many beautiful sights that Texas offers during this time of year. Here is a collection of some incredible views of holidays in Texas.

1. Texas Ornament by Darcie Tanner

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Nothing says “True Texan” like a Texas-shaped ornament. Having a reminder of the Friendly State keeps Texas in your heart and mind.

2. San Antonio Riverwalk by Brandon Watts

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For over 30 years, this amazing one-hour parade along San Antonio’s River Walk has featured illuminated floats with celebrities, bands and lavishly-costumed participants. The Riverwalk is transformed into a bright and festive spectacular.

3. Christmas at the Caswell House by Dave Wilson

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Each Christmas, Austin Junior Forum holds a decoration and gift sale in their historic, downtown headquarters at the Caswell House in Downtown Austin.

4. Papel Picado by Valerie Hinojosa

4 (2)

Because Texas is so diverse, celebrations for the holidays are wide spread. Here is a great mix of culture and celebration.

5. The Cheerful Austin Christmas Dragon by Trey Ratcliff 

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This photo celebrates the fun and excitement that Texans bring. Texans are creative and always take that approach to the task at hand.

6. Christmas…Hill Country Style by Jack

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The Capitol Building in Hill Country, TX lit up with numerous lights. Not only is Hill Country central to Texas, but many consider this the heart and soul of the state. Perhaps only here have such an array of cultural and natural features come together to create such a uniquely charming region.

7. Poinsettias by Robert Nunnally 

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The kind folks at Crump’s Gardens in McKinney, TX always have a huge array of poinsettia for the holidays! Poinsettias are a culturally and commercially important plant particularly well known for its red and green foliage and is widely used in Christmas floral displays.

8. Frost on my Brake Lights by mirsasha 

8 (1)

This photo was taken in Austin, Texas. It is a perfect example of taking in the beauty of the winter season.

9. Happy Chanukah! by me and the sysop

9 (2)

As mentioned before, Texas is known for its melting pot of cultures and traditions. These gorgeous Hanukkah lights illuminate the night sky.

10. W Yaupon in December by CameliaTWU 

10 (1)

Yaupon (Ilex vomitoria, Aquifoliaceae) is a small evergreen holly tree native to the coastal plain of the southeastern US. The red fruit is a small drupe containing four seeds; the red color attracts birds which disperse the seeds after eating the fruit.