True Texans Are Growing

Out of the 2014 Fastest Growing Cities in America census, 5 of the top 10 are in Texas. Those cities include Mission, Irving, Edinburg, Austin and Pharr. From the schools, to jobs, to livability, to recreation, these cities are on the rise. Ranking as number one in all three categories – large, midsize, and small cities – Texas shows no sign of slowing down. Texas is the second most populous state, next to the number one state, California.

Affordable housing and the number of jobs are definitely the driving force behind the recent exodus. With unemployment down and plenty of inexpensive housing, Texas offers a lot for all age groups.

Texas has a varied history stemming from a melting pot of ethnic backgrounds. Southern, Southwestern, and Mexican influences have a distinct impact on the Texan culture. Because of an influx of people from numerous states and countries, Texas has developed a welcoming spirit – as stated in The Texas Spirit, “We’ll take you like you are. Welcome to Texas!”

Texas also has become a leader in the world of entertainment, healthcare, and tourism. With various leisure activities, such as festivals, golfing, sports, and restaurants, Texas has much to offer. The Lone Star State has definitely evolved and expanded over time.

A fun past time that is set in Texan culture is rodeos. This fun activity is enjoyable for people of all ages. From events like calf roping, bull riding, steer wrestling, and calf scramble, rodeos continue to be a favorite among families. Most people attend to watch today’s cowboys perform both in and outside the rodeo arena. For more information about Cowboys Now and Then, read chapter 8 in The Texas Spirit.

Whether looking for a new place to live or just to visit, Texas can be the escape you are looking for. True Texan culture will add to an experience of a lifetime.

Socio-Demographic factors (including population growth and educational attainment growth) and Jobs & Economic Environment factors (including median household income growth and poverty rate decrease) were the methodology in determining the order of the top American cities. To see the full identification process, other cities that made the list, or for more information, visit Wallet Hub’s website.