True Texans Are Business Savvy

Starting a business is never easy. From the major issues, such as finances, to the minor things, such as company’s name, all businesses need time and dedication in order to succeed. When I moved to Houston in the late ’50’s, a chemist and I were struggling to start a new business. After a failed effort, I was left broke, like a car out of gas trying to run on fumes.

I decided to make a living buying and selling surplus or off spec chemicals. It wasn’t easy. At times, my friend had to come up with my part of the rent until I could pay my portion.

My friend’s mother was willing to invest, both splitting the risk as well as the reward. The word gracious comes to mind whenever I think of her. She enabled me to make it through primitive, tough times so that I didn’t have to go back home. In December of 1961, my ventures became Chemical Exchange Company, Inc. Those tough years are what turned into my over-50-year career in the chemical business.

Without the help and support, mentally and financially, of those around me, I could never have the business I have today. I also think my determination and pride being a Texas helped me to focus and stay driven.

There are more than 2.2 million small businesses in the state of Texas. The number of women and minority business owners continues to grow. Over the years, Texas has earned some amazing titles for our business capital including: Friendliest Small Business State (Kaufmann Foundation), #1 State Business Climate (Site Selection Magazine), Top 5 Best Cities for Jobs (Forbes), Best State for Business 2012 (Chief Execute Magazine), and Best Post-Recession Economy (US Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Because Texans are business savvy, we can detect and follow the trends. Because small businesses and large businesses are coming to Texas, Texas has one of the lowest unemployment rates as well as being one of the states that has the most job growth. From December 2009-2011 when recovery began during the recession, Texas itself regained the total number of jobs lost, while the US as a whole only restored only 34% of total jobs lost.

Business savvy Texans overcome setbacks, and their pride and friendliness help to take their businesses over the edge.

All of the qualities discussed in this blog: Friendly, Growth, Freedom, and Entrepreneurial Spirit, all play a major role in the business world. Not only are they required to start a business, but to expand and be on top of the business world.

Could you get to the top without being friendly? Yes, possibly, but how long would you stay there if you are not a person of your word and stab others in the back?

Without growth, a company cannot survive. You must stay well informed and current on the latest technologies. Change can be difficult, but it is a necessary part of life.

Freedom is important if you want your company to grow. Having the freedom and control of your company allows you to explore further into your field and be open for more opportunities.

Having an entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of every business savvy individual. You could want to have your own company, but not being able to have that dedication will only lead to failure.

It’s imperative to take into account that you need to find your niche in business and to not back away from what stands in your way.