True Texans Believe in Attaining Freedom

Texans, like myself, are often described as chest-beaters and rugged individuals who do not like to take no for answer. More so, Texans are a combination–a rare breed even– that combines such attributes as strong-willed souls who are deep in faith. Throw in a strong attitude and you have a recipe of a prototypical Texan.

One trait that stands out from the rest is the ability to speak our minds and a focus to truly live free. We don’t sugarcoat much, and it’s that freedom we celebrate while understanding we can improve. The people of Texas are diverse, a microcosm of America’s welcoming culture. With that, freedom is not easily attained for all, but we like to pump our chests and tell others we are free.


Texans surely have some good freedoms. Residents enjoy one of the lowest tax burdens in the country. It also does better than average on state spending, fiscal decentralization, and government employment relative to the private sector.

Texas prides itself on being a freedom-loving state. However, Texas’ policies are not as consistent with individual liberty as we would like it to be. Like many southern states, Texas performs better on economic freedom than personal freedom. Despite its reputation as a low-regulation state, it is average for regulatory policy—while above average for fiscal policy.

Texas’ strive for a freer state today lie in the hands of political agendas. Some of Texas’ political leaders vow to break the assault on our liberties.

The fact remains people are apathetic when it comes to voting and politics have created a muddied Texas, to say the least.

Our spirit remains unbroken as a collective unit of people. We have prideful people, but our elected officials are not delivering on promises and worse causing more problems as opposed to fixing them. Texans today continually work toward a complete freedom. Even if we don’t actually have it, securing freedom is a part of a True Texan’s makeup.